Bonus Ball Week 1 Winners

Well we finally got the Bonus Ball started and are delighted to announce the winners this week.  The Bonus Ball drawn was Number 14 so this week’s lucky winners are Karen and Alan!  Congratulations to you both and we’ll get the prizemoney to you as soon as we can.  Good luck to the rest of you in the coming weeks.

Other fundraising ideas

Had great news yesterday when a friend dropped by with a bucket of loose change – she’s been collecting it over a few weeks and it came to £22, so thanks so much for that.  Any other buckets of coins gratefuly received!

I took the old clothes we’d colected from friends in this morning and I’ve made £28 from those.  I’ll be doing that again, so if you have any old clothes you want rid of (great excuse for a wardrobe clearout!) let me know and we can arrange collection.

Thanks again to everyone who’s helped.


Bonus Ball Update

Hi there!

Many thanks to everyone who has bought a Bonus Ball so far! It’s due to start ASAP-there are only a few more to sell and then we’ll be ready to start.

We went up to Coll for the September weekend and while we were there I paid in my first £500. Only £4600 to go! It still seems like a huge amount of money, but everyone’s been so supportive so far. Fingers crossed the rest of my fundraising continues as successfully.