Mandy’s Coffee Morning

A great success today!  My lovely friend Mandy organised a coffee morning which was great fun.  She had made her house look lovely with beautiful teasets, cakestands, tablecloths and flowers – at one point there must have been 20 people in her living room all munching on great cakes, and guzzling tea and coffee – and the noise of the chat was amazing!  I must confess to nibbling a few cakes in between pouring teas and coffees and they were all delicious!  We made over £250 so that is a fantastic news and brings me to within £25 of my first £2,000.  Thanks so very much to Mandy, to everyone who came and supported so generously, and to all the bakers and other helpers.  If you enjoyed this one, or if you missed out and like the sound of it, my Granny is hosting another coffee morning in Brig O’Turk (between Aberfoyle and Callander) on Saturday 3rd December.  Let me know if you want to come and I’ll give you the details.

Thanks again Mandy!