Info about my school!

My school is called Vidya Vanam Primary School and it is situated in the rural village of Annaikatty, about an hour away from the town of Coimbatore, in Tamil Nadu. We are also right on the border with Kerala so are only a short walk away from the beautiful backwaters and greenery of that region. ¬†Annaikatty is surrounded by large mountains which are full of different tribal families and it is their kids who will troop down to our school each morning and will get the joy of being taught by me! Hopefully we’ll be able to visit the tribes and maybe even witness some sort of excitingly dramatic tribal activity! The headteacher is called Premaji Madam and we will work and live alongside her and other staff on the basic campus. As well as having different teaching blocks the school has a big hall with a small kitchen attached and there is also various rooms/houses for teachers who choose to live on site. Caitlin and I will share a small and basic room and possibly our own toilet!

My partner for the year (Caitlin) and I!

As our project is one of PT’s new ones, we are not entirely sure about the work we will be doing. Vidya Vanam has a technique similar to that of Montessori so any extra curricular activities and clubs we want to run are fully encouraged! Caitlin and I can’t wait to bring ¬†out the feathers and glitter for craft club, or start a craze of ultimate frisbee. If anyone else has any ideas about what sort of clubs to run please let me know! Of course, our main job will be teaching English in the classroom and thanks to PT we have a MASSIVE file with loads of example lessons, ideas and games to play with the kids. We will probably be teaching the older ones (about 10-13 yrs) but I’m going to try and do more with the wee ones as well as they are always so sweet. Saying that they will probably be more of a challenge!

I can’t wait to get out there and get teaching. Everyone says it comes naturally after a while, but the prospect of me standing up in front of a classroom full of 10yr olds is slightly nerve wracking! Before the schools broke up for summer I managed to squish in a few days of work experience in different places and one of the teachers told me to always be yourself and not try to be a stereotypical teacher. Hopefully I’ll be able to take this advice on board as well as all the other help so many people have offered me and be the best teacher I can be!