The Countdown Begins!

Thirty days until I leave Scotland! 

I officially leave Heathrow Airport, flying to Abu Dhabi and then on to Hyderabad on the 11th September, however as my flight is early in the morning I will be leaving Scotland the day before.

I spent last week revisiting the beautiful Isle of Coll (where I went to be selected for PT) on a 5 day training course with the volunteers going to India, Chile and Japan. Somehow all the Project volunteers congregated in Oban and we all got the early morning ferry together, enjoying a good old CalMac bacon roll on the way. This reminded me of getting the ferry to Coll with my family when I was younger and seeing all the PT volunteers excited about their gap year adventures. The excitement of meeting my partner was pretty indescribable. I was going to be spending a year sharing a room and working alongside this random girl from Newcastle who I didn’t even know existed before then! Luckily my partner was lovely and we get on really well, I’m confident that we’ll have a great year together (as long as she can put up with me for that long!).

Training consisted of numerous classes, lectures, sessions, chats etc etc basically trying to prepare us as best as possible for our year overseas. However, cramming all the knowledge and experience of PT into 5 stressful days is completely overwhelming! We were bombarded with info from Day 1 and I felt like the whole week was me playing catch up and scrambling to write down enough notes. Although, in classic PT style by the end of the week we were all entirely enamored by the charity, the island and all the people we met. We had finished planning and performing mock lessons to a bunch of British teenagers pretending to be Indian primary school kids, we had survived the gruesome health talks describing the different types of creepy crawlies and how they liked to get up close and personal and most of we all we trusted the staff and the charity that we were part of. We were ready to leave the UK and hit up another part of the world.

So as my title suggests, the countdown really does begin, when I get home from visiting family in Ireland it will only be three weeks until I leave. I’ve made a million and one lists (classic nuala) about the multitude of different things I need to buy/pack-the key one being my rucksack to bring it all in! And I still need to see my lovely, kind and supportive friends and have tearful goodbyes with each and every one of them. Also it would be a good idea if I learnt to say a few more things in Tamil (the language they speak in my region) and finish the massive tidy up of my room!


Next time: more info on my specific project.

 The Training Course-Japan, Chile and India Volunteers!