Not long now!

An aerial picture of my school taken from their website

Only five more days until I leave Scotland and don’t return for a year! This time next week I will have arrived in Hyderabad (hopefully) and met my Overseas Rep-Bharavi.

I want to say thank you to everyone who came to mine on Saturday and helped me celebrate and say goodbye. Also, thank you very much for the kind gifts that people have been giving to me.

If anybody would like to contact me whilst I’m in India my address is:

Vidya Vanam

A Unit of Bhuvana Foundation

Thuvaipathy Road


Coimbatore 641 108

Tamil Nadu


I don’t know what internet access will be like, but I am only an hour away from a pretty big city (Coimbatore) and there’s bound to be internet cafes there. So emails will also be welcome!

Trying to prepare and pack for going away is more difficult than I thought, I have already attempted to pack my bag 5 times now and I can’t stop accumulating more things. Mental preparation is another issue entirely, there’s very little you can do on that front. However, I’m still as excited to go as ever and cannot wait for this new chapter of my life to begin.

Bring on the adventure and see you all in a year!