Update 2-Hot and Spicy

2 of our staff are from up North, where they eat so much more salt and spices. So often with our meals, they are provided with a few chillies and a dish of salt and some limes (Which they call lemons). So the other night at dinner, I dared Sarah (The American vol) to eat one of their chillies whole. She agreed as long as I did it too, so we each put a teeny green chilli in our mouths. At first it was totally fine and Sarah and I were like ‘yeah this isn’t hot at all, it’s totally fine!’ and then suddenly it hit me. I thought my throat was on fire, my eyes were weeping, I was sweating BUCKETS and could not stop hiccupping. To make matters worse it was absolutely hilarious and everyone was laughing at me-including Sarah who was also gulping down water in order to ease her throat. This made me laugh even more so then my throat was on fire, my eyes were weeping, I was sweating buckets, hiccupping and could NOT STOP LAUGHING! It took about ten minutes and lots of curd (cool yoghurty stuff which you put on your curry and it also helps to fight bad stuff in your food and make your tummy less sore) and water and giggling until finally, my throat felt a little bit back to normal. It was still painful for the rest of the night though.

Something else about this area which is really¬†bizarre and tricky to deal with¬†is that most of the kids get beaten at home and a few of the females definitely do as well. There’s also a few staff members who threaten to beat the children if they misbehave as well. It’s crazy because our school has a no violence policy and is one of the much more esteemed schools than anywhere in the surrounding area. If this is the kinda thing that happens with our kids, then what goes on around the rest of the country? What’s more is that there is a huge alcohol problem with the men in the village and this is clear when we go on walks after school.

Heading to Hyderabad this evening, all we’re sure of is that when we arrive there, there will be a taxi with a driver holding our names. Fingers crossed we get there safely- I still need to buy my sari!