Teachers at Vidya Vanam

Caitlin and Sarah on Ghandiji’s birthday


Sarah and I in sari’s at Ghandhiji’s birthday

Teachers who live on campus:

  • Nuala and Caitlin-Project Trust volunteers.
  • Sarah– A 22 yr old American who is working in this school teaching Social Studies and English.
  • Rajesh-English teacher, speaks good English and is more forward thinking than a lot of the teachers. He is very interested in life in the UK and America.
  • Sulochana-Class teacher for Jammun (aged 8-10), always late, very spiritual, lives in her own wee world.
  • Ayshweria-Science teacher from Kerala, very sweet but studied Marine Biology and wanted to be a scientist not a teacher.
  • Sumita-Craft teacher, married to Assim and pregnant, returning up north in December.
  • Assim-Art teacher, very controlling over his laminator.
  • Patti-A very inspiring lady who has thrown away all restrictions of her caste (Brahmin) to work with ‘untouchables’ she’s super funny as well. Director of the school and responsible for establishing it.
  • Nandini Maam– Headteacher of the school, takes no nonsense but very helpful and friendly, lives in Chennai with her family when she is not at school.

(some of the) Teachers who live off campus:

  • Big Chitra-Class teacher of Neem, with a daughter and son both in the school, very nice and friendly lady, always asks what we’ve had for breakfast.
  • Small Chitra-Class teacher of Peepal, good teacher with lots of new ideas but quite quiet.
  • Prema-I just helped her make a facebook account! Mother of 2 adorable children in the school, not quite sure what she teachers but very smiley and willing to chat.
  • Uma-I think she teaches Tamil, don’t know her that well.
  • Kallyvanni-Assistant teacher for Neem, likes to chat and told me she aspires to be fat, not sure if she purposefully left out the ‘like you’ at the end there! Indians are so funny about weight!
  • Jodimunny-Difficult to chat to because of language barrier but quite nice
  • Mini-Hindi teacher, lives on the Kerala side of Anaikatty and has quite a difficult home life, cries in the staff room about it a lot.

There are also 2 different programmes running throughout our school, teaching the teaching assistants and other younger girls how to teach. There are so many more staff and I’ve probably not spelled half the above names correctly, but at least that gives you a rough idea who I’m talking about most of the time!