Teachers on Tour!

Hiya guys,

Sorry I have been a tad loco from this blog recently, I have spent the past wee while travelling to visit other vols. Firstly we headed to Hyderabad to stay with our overseas rep, Bharavi, and his family. You would think this would be a relatively easy mode of transport but unfortunately Caitlin is a bit of a newbie on the aeroplane front. It took us 3 return trips unloading all our electricals and back and forth between security and the check in desk before we successfully arrived! We stayed in Hyderabad for a few days before finding out we were going to a small town called Tangutur near Ongole to stay with another volunteer, Katie for the rest of the time until our project term began.

After an…exciting…overnight train journey we arrived in Tangutur and were immediately taken for breakfast and food was practically shovelled down our necks! In Tangutur we slept in the volunteers room, sharing single beds and trying to stay under a mozzie net was kinda fun, and taught in the Government run school there every day. Seven classes a day and LOTS of boisterous children who wouldn’t behave unless you beat them, which obviously we would not do! The violence problem there was insane, way way way worse than here. We had such a wonderful time visiting Ongole and we were soo soo soo happy to have spent time with Katie (another vol) as in Anaikatty we are SO far away from everyone else.

Whilst we were there the festivities following Ganesha’s birthday were occurring. And let’s just say India knows how to party! Every night for 7 days there was a procession of a massive Ganesha with people dancing and music being played and lots and lots of scary firecrackers. Surprisingly the men dominate the festivals, and needless to say at some of these processions (it tended to be the later ones) they had had a bit too much to drink! However, one day some girl dragged us along as we were walking into town and she told us to wait whilst she tied luminous orange ribbon around our wrists. Next thing we know they were setting off fire crackers (which are similar to flares) and suddenly all this purple powder appeared. And I mean LOTS of purple powder appeared! We were covered head to toe in it, it was hilarious!! Later that evening as the procession passed our house, it started to rain. And India rains like it parties! So once again we were dragged out by the ladies who were dancing to attempt to join in. Now I’m sure you guys have all seen my pathetic excuse for a dance at some point in your life…and these Indians couldn’t seem to teach me anything better! It was so hilarious and lovely to be welcomed by such a friendly community.

Yesterday morning we arrived back in Vidya Vanam safe and sound.