‘One snap?’

These are some photos from my travels so far, I’ll put more up when I get home but I didn’t bring my camera lead so these are all Katie’s! Read her blog about her year in India here: http://katiesyearwithprojecttrust.blogspot.in/


hampi fest

Temple festival in Hampi!

gateway of india

Katie and I at the Gateway of India-Mumbai

dhobi ghats 2

The dhobi ghats-Mumbai. This looks like a slum but is actually a huge area for washing clothes where all major hotels etc send their linen to be washed.

ellora ajanta caves

The Ajanta Caves

lassiwhalla jaipur

The remnants of our lassis (a creamy but bitter curd based drink) after drinking in the famous Lassi Walla of Jaipur

soildiers at border

The guards at the India/Pakistan border near Amritsar. Every day there is a ceremony full of dancing, singing, flag running, marching, leg kicking and basically celebrating how India is better than Pakistan. Of course, you can see Pakistan through the trees and they’re doing exactly the same thing.


Katie, Caitlin and I at the border

tasty train food

Yummy train food for ravenous travellers

jantar mantar jaipur

The Jantar Mantar in Jaipur-an interesting collection of weather dials.

city palace jaipur

City Palace-Jaipur, Rajasthan

temple room

Sleeping in the Golden temple-foreigners room-Amritsar

temple room2

Sleeping in the Golden Temple

crammed in cycle

5 crammed into the back of a bike-Amritsar

g temple g girls

Me, Katie and Caitlin at the Golden Temple. If you bathe in this water every day then all your problems will be gone.

g temple

The Golden Temple – Amritsar