The end has come…but not for long!

It’s more than two weeks since I left my children at Vidya Vanam, Anaikatti. I can truly say that I have thought about them and missed them every single day. Tears come to my eyes when I think about them and all the conversations we have had. One of my favourite gifts I was given before I left was a folded over leaf with two tiny eyes drawn on to it; which made it look like an elephant. Another student wrote me the most wonderful long letter which I will keep treasured forever. I think he quite enjoyed writing the part where he told me to study hard at uni and not be a silly girl! Leaving was really tough; I miss all my friends, colleagues, children. I miss eating with my fingers and wearing a sari and shouting my head off at children in the garden who won’t do any work but consistently climb trees. It’s difficult when I think about how hard I worked to make my life and home in Anaikatti, and now it’s all gone. But not for long. I promised everyone I would return soon, but maybe for a shorter visit this time, so fingers crossed that I’ll be out there with everyone again soon. (ie-next summer if my student loan will stretch that far!)

I just want to say a massive thank you to everyone that has helped me; with my fundraising, those who wrote letters and sent emergency parcels of chocolate and hair conditioner throughout the year, those who read my blog, those who distracted my parents from missing me too much and all my kiddy winkles and friends at Vidya Vanam. I will never ever forget my wonderful time in India-in fact I’m still struggling to nod normally again-and I will be back.