Taj MahalIndia is a bustling country full of people, culture and history.  Home to more than one billion people, a mixture of different religions and over 500 types of mangoes, India really is a diverse country.

Despite India being free from British colonial rule for over 60 years not everyone has felt the economic boom.

For many an education is still considered a luxury and the classopportunity to learn English opens the door to greatly enhanced employment opportunities.

India is perceived in the west as a land of great conflict between tradition and modernisation.  On one hand, it is the land of Gurus, village life, Ghandi and the tiger majestically wading through the mangrove forests.  On the other it is a noisy industrial densely populated country of 1 billion people dominated by the fastest growing cities in Asia.

Project Trust’s projects are based in Southern India, four in Andhra Pradesh and one in Tamil Nadu.  Volunteers are involved in a mixture of teaching in primary and secondary schools or homes for visually impaired students.