Project Trust

Project TrustProject Trust is an educational charity that specialises in sending school leavers overseas for 8 or 12 month volunteer placements in Africa, Asia and the Americas. They were set up over 40 years ago and since then they have sent over 6000 students to over 23 different countries to volunteer in a number of different ways.

Their main philosophy is to provide young people with an opportunity to understand a community overseas by immersing themselves in it; living and working there for a year. All of their projects are vetted for their suitability for volunteers, and none deprive local people of work.

Project Trust can only send a limited number of volunteers overseas every year.  Because of the selection process every volunteer is handpicked and matched carefully to their project.  Project Trust treats everyone as an individual.  They aim to ensure that every year out is a positive and rewarding Project Trustexperience.


Charity number: SCO25668
Company number: 170673


Project Trust
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