Bonus Ball

My first attempt at fundraising will be to resurrect the Bonus Ball Lotto (we ran this a few years ago for Balfron High School’s Malawi exchange)  and it would be great if you were able to support it again.  Here’s the rules.
  • We sell a number 1 – 49 for £20.
  • Once all the numbers are sold, the Bonus Ball Lotto will start and run for 20 weeks.
  • Every week the prize goes to the holder of the number selected as the bonus ball in the Saturday night National Lottery.
  • The weekly prize will be £24 with 100% of the remainder of the weekly funds raised (£25), going to the Project Trust Charity (Registered Charity in Scotland NoSCO25668).
If you would like the chance to be a winner and support my Project Trust fundraiser at the same time, that would be fantastic.  Please email back to let me know which number you would like (and 2nd or 3rd choices in case that’s been sold already), and you can either give me your £20 the next time we see you or send a cheque (made payable to Project Trust) to Nuala Mendham at Clachan Cottage, Balfron G63 0NY.  If you know anyone else that may be interested in winning their fortune, please feel free to send this on or sign them up yourself!
I really hope you don’t mind me asking – I fully appreciate that times are tough just now and a draw such as this is not everyone’s cup of tea.  We will be doing various things throughout the year and if you dont feel able to support this particular fundraiser I very much hope you will be able to support me at another time.