First Impressions of Hyderabad

Text from Nuala today – her first day in India.  It sounds a far cry from sleepy Balfron!  She’ll be staying in Hyderabad the capital of Andhra Pradesh – for a few days with the other volunteers to get sorted before heading off with her partner Caitlin to their project in Tamil Nadu, which is much more rural – and will probably be a shock in many different ways.

Literally just slept from 6.30am -3pm our time with a short break at 1 when we somehow woke up on time for food.  Really strange but tasty pancakes with chutney and spicy pastes.  Roads are wild – I don’t even think there’s a specific side to drive on or I cant work it out .  Cars beep their horns as they go past other cars which happens a lot even if they don’t know each other. One car even sang as it reversed. 

 Buildings all seem unfinished, cables and rubble and litter EVERYWHERE, people just lie in big lines in the street under blankets to sleep.  Still quite surreal and we are not even allowed to leave the building today!  Not allowed outside incase we get lost but will be allowed out tomorrow.  A man called Suuchi runs the guest house, doesn’t seem to be anyone else staying here except us – we’ve taken over.  Quite warm but not unbearable.  We have just put the air con on.


The Eagle Has Landed

We’ve just had a text from Nuala to say she has landed in Hyderabad, purchased some Rupees, collected her luggage and made it through immigration. 

She says “Met Abhilash (their host in Hyderabad) in airport. Now on bus – luggage on top.  Heading straight to guest house.  Exhausted but running on adrenaline.  Hungry, thirsty, sweaty and sticky but totally buzzing.”

It’s the early hours of the morning there, so I guess she’s off to spend her first night in India!

Sleep well.