Arrival at Vidya Vanam

So we have had a few texts from Nuala and all is well.  Her and Caitlin have travelled South to Coimbatore, and from there to the village of Anaikatty and Vidya Vanam school.  This is a picture of the girls’ room – part way through unpacking.  Nuala says its great with a bathroom right outside – so all sorted on that front! 

They’ve had some initial discussions with the Head Teacher about what they’ll be doing and so far they are looking to be involved in updating the school website, running the library, teaching ceilidh dancing, and organising the computer room.  

Nuala is hoping to run a “Reading Challenge” in the library – so thanks to the inspiration of Balfron Library where she spent many summers desperately trying to read enough books to collect the stamps for a free swim!  She spent also 6 months in Balfron Library doing work experience for her DofE Silver Award, so everything she learnt there will be put to good use.

The school does have computers and some level of internet connection, but the problem seems to be the reliability of the electricity supply.  So hopefully soon you will be able to get updates direct from Nuala herself, and maybe some more pictures too.

Keep checking back!