Ganesha’s Birthday

An update from Nuala:-

Today is Ganesha’s birthday and for the past few nights and during the day there has been constant drumming in the village. One night we stood at the edge of the school fence and looked and there seemed to be a fire. The noise also sounded like it was moving through the villages as it is not just Annaikatty here but MILLIONS of villages, I cannot remember any of their names. We went to the temple-there are temples everywhere about here-and they had made a massive special Ganesha for her birthday. I really want to learn more about Hinduism, Sarah has a book so I think I’ll read that when we get back. Here’s a photo of the Ganesha outside the temple. There’s millions of statues of other gods inside the temple but you’re not allowed to take photos in there.

Ganesha, Nuala and Sarah

Oh my god just went outside cos it sounded like the drums were getting closer (they started again at midday) and there was a big parade  but by the time we got to the street (the computer lab is the other end of the school) we only saw the tail end. Basically (I think) they are parading the Ganesha through all the different villages, then they go and burn her in the river-or something. Might head into the village but I’m a little nervous to go just Caitlin and I. I’m pretty confident it will be fine though. We can ask Sumi if she wants to come with. 

Sumi is pregnant so she has not left to go on tour with the rest of the teachers. Earlier she was telling me all about how difficult it is to be a wife here and how she must go up north to stay with her in laws for three years in December as she will be 6 months pregnant by then but her husband Asim will not come with her.